Collaborators and Clients


Collaboration is crucial to the work that I do.  It challenges me to think differently, and learn new strategies for solution design.  It connects me to community and collaborators who inspire me, and it engages all of us in a cooperative solidarity economy as we work towards social change.

Some of my collaborators are listed here, and some of them work tirelessly behind the scenes, because they prefer to remain outside the spotlight.  I’m grateful for the diversity of voices I get to call into this work with me, and the range of skills each of them brings to this work.  When you collaborate with me, it’s an opportunity to engage with an array of inspiring change makers.

John Kent Alexander
John Kent Alexander is an independent facilitator specializing in anti-racist and other social justice-related workshops in Northampton, MA.

Fertile Ground Schools
“Fertile Ground is a leading farm to school initiative that empowers children, youth and their families to make smart food choices, to work together across race, class and difference, and to become engaged citizens, improving their communities through school gardens, food celebrations, and caring for the land.”

Abrah Dresdale
“Abrah Jordan Dresdale, MALD, lives in rural and culturally vibrant Western Massachusetts. She is an educator, social permaculture designer, and culture shift consultant. She is the Co-Director of Regenerate Change and is Principal of Feeding Landscapes, a design and food systems consulting business.”

Cynthia Espinosa Marrero, Pulegium Consulting
Cynthia Espinosa-Marrero is a food systems scholar and activist, helping diverse communities grow and eat more healthy food. Her passion for gardening was seeded with her family and neighbors in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico where she grew up. Her ultimate goal as a humanistic educator is to give opportunities to underrepresented groups to find their inner power, voice, and gardening skills to build a socially just food system.

Daisa Enterprises
“DAISA provides strategic, operational and evaluation services to social enterprises and investors, and innovates new programs ​and technologies to develop a more equitable food system.”

Yard Birds Farm
Yard Birds Farm is a small scale apiary, education hub, and queer land project in Montague, MA.



“TerraCorps works at the intersection of the land trust and urban agriculture movements to create a future where land is the foundation of health and well-being for ALL people in EVERY community.”

Pioneer Valley Grows
“A collaborative network dedicated to enhancing the ecological and economic sustainability and vitality of the Pioneer Valley food system.”

Nuestras Raíces
“Nuestras Raíces is a grassroots urban agriculture organization based in Holyoke MA. Our mission is to create healthy environments, celebrate “agri-culture,” harness our collective energy, and to advance our vision of a just and sustainable future.”

Stockbridge School of Agriculture: Sustainable Food & Farming Bachelors Degree Program
“The university that had its beginning as “Mass Aggie” has become “the place to be” for students in the rapidly growing field of sustainable agriculture and food system studies. In a recent ranking of the “best global agricultural universities,” UMass was placed 3rd best in the U.S. Long recognized for its cutting edge research, UMass is also the home to the fastest growing and largest undergraduate major in sustainable agriculture in the nation.”

The Women’s Center at Montague Catholic Social Ministries
“The Women’s Center is open to all women and provides a safe place to build a nurturing community with peer support. Women’s Center programs and workshops offer opportunities for connection, healing and growth while increasing confidence and leadership skills. Together, we work to break the cycle of intergenerational violence and isolation and to expand safe environments for women.”

Northeast Organic Farming Association
“Through education and advocacy NOFA/Mass promotes organic agriculture to expand the production and availability of nutritious food from living soil for the health of individuals, communities and the planet.”

Florida International University – College of Arts, Science, and Education
“We’re developing solutions to the greatest challenges of our time while training the next generation of leaders, innovators and educators. Faculty and students are working with decision makers on every level to understand and address the problems our communities face.”

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

“At the heart of Greenfield’s opioid treatment strategy is the Franklin County Jail, located on the west side, at the base of Greenfield mountain. Sheriff Chris Donelan and his staff treat the jail as a ‘locked treatment facility.’ The jail, meanwhile, has created explicit pathways from addiction and incarceration to [employment in] the food industry through vocational training.”

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