Apiary Consultations

I works with honeybees as part of my change-making practice.  These nonhuman collaborators have taught me endless lessons in community building and social decision making.

As a part of my beekeeping practice, I offer pollinator support to beekeepers and people passionate about supporting pollinators in their backyards or on their farms.  Consults can cover beginning beekeeping questions, siting an apiary, preparing for bees in your backyard or supporting pollinators through perennial planting.

I offer both short and long term mentorship strategies.

More information about my honeybees can be found via Yard Birds Farm, a queer land project I collaborate on.  More information about Yard Birds Farm can be found here and here.

I teach beekeeping courses at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, on Yard Birds Farm and in collaboration with NOFA MA.  

Please reach out via our contact form for more information.

Contact me about honeybees here:



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