Apiary Consultations

I works with honeybees as part of my change-making practice.  These nonhuman collaborators have taught me endless lessons in community building and social decision making.

As a part of my beekeeping practice, I consult with beekeepers, raise queens and colonies for beekeepers and people passionate about supporting pollinators in their backyards or on their farms.

This year I will be selling nucelus hives to beginning beekeepers.  You can be added to my customer list by completing the contact form below.  I will send out a notice to beekeepers about when and how to order in late 2018.

More information about my honeybees can be found via Yard Birds Farm, a queer land project I collaborate on.  More information about Yard Birds Farm can be found here.

I teach beekeeping courses at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

Details about my online course can be found here.

Details about my in person course can be found here.

Please reach out via our contact form regarding internships and work trades.

I am currently writing a book about honeybees, which will include tools for new beekeepers, perspectives on beekeeping from the field, and an organizing tool cultivated from my long learning relationship with honeybees called “Radicalize the Hive”.

Contact me about honeybees here:


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