Facilitation & Training

I offer tailored trainings & facilitation based on an organization’s need for change.

Trainings include:

  1. Anti-Oppression Training through a Racial Justice Lens
  2. Gender Competency Training
  3. Authentic Community Engagement
  4. Alliance Building and Collaborative Communication
  5. Emergent Facilitation Strategies for Community
  6. How to Collect and Aggregate Community Data Equitably
  7. Hive-Minded Change Making
  8. Cooperative Organizational Strategies
  9. Shifting Power Dynamics on your Team

I strongly prefer to conduct an assessment and prior to designing trainings for an organization so we can build collective relevance, and tailor trainings to your needs.

I also offer courses in technical beekeeping skills such as:

  1. Beekeeping 101 & 102 Course for Beginners
  2. Intermediate Beekeeping Strategies
  3. Winterizing the Hive
  4. Managing an Apiary for Regenerative Expansion
  5. Regenerative Apiary Planning
  6. Queen Rearing Strategies
  7. Race and Racism in the Beekeeping Industry
  8. Mentorship for Beginning and Intermediate Beekeepers (individual or small group)

Contact me to set up a free consultation here:

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