Grant Writing Collaboration, Hilda Roque, Nuestras Raices

“We are really excited with the VAGP grant, testing the market for the sofrito and experimenting with the recipes, and enjoying the momentum this opportunity has allow us to create with the farmer. It’s finally a real co-op! We are renting the office space here at NR and the restaurant space to move to the office trailer at the farm and all be together in one location which is also really exciting. We are making the best out of these difficult situations life has been throwing at us and truly learning from these experience and making the best of it! I believe the organization will be much stronger once this process is over, thank you for being part of it…. I have to say that I can say that you are a real friend of this organization, a true practicer of what you preach… I truly respect you and appreciate you for that. Not too many people have your heart, understanding  and kindness.”

-Hilda Roque, Nuestras Raices