I’m so glad you’re here.

My theory of change is that collaboration with community leaders at the intersections of food, land, and power is necessary to deconstruct professional and personal silos and increase our capacity to further our mission and vision for a more equitable and just world.

To this end, I offer experiential education, participatory evaluation, thoughtful facilitation, and strategic visioning/planning services to organizations and individuals.

I collaborate with organizations & clients to implement:

I work with a team of consultants who bring a unique array of skills, perspectives and voices to every project we work on. Each person I collaborate with adds valuable insight and perspective to the work.

I offer a negotiable sliding scale rate to all of my clients. A sliding scale creates equitable access to my services, and to address the systemic oppression of groups marginalized by our current social structures.  We live in an unjust, inequitable capitalist system. Not all of us experience the same privilege based on our racial, sexual and gender identities, class and “ability”.

I’ve learned through experience that the most powerful and impactful plans for social change come from the roots up. A sliding scale fee for consulting services means those with more resource can pay more, and support organizations with less resource in receiving quality consultation services.

In this country, we’re scared to face our history.  We avoid dialogue about the realities of wealth accumulation and the re-aggregation of resources and capital. I’m here to encourage resource aggregation as just and necessary.  When we value justice and equity, we act in alignment with our values by making changes to how we collaborate and do business while supporting an economy rooted in solidarity.

Please contact me for details about sliding scale rates.

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